My name is Benjamin. Ever since childhood I’ve enjoyed telling stories. Whether it’s books, movies, video games or any other medium, I’ve always been fascinated by the power of narrative storytelling.

I studied performing arts at college and then digital filmmaking at university. I then did a succession of boring part-time jobs while struggling as a freelance screenwriter and script editor in the UK. I started this blog when I was teaching ESL in Beijing for a year. I Have since returned to the Jing and am still sharing my stories.

China is a culture that has always fascinated me, but I never imagined that I would live here. Within the first few days of my arrival I was struck by the difference between China as it is and the China that had been implanted in my head by guidebooks, philosophical texts and kung fu movies! Beijing is a vibrant city full of hutong bars, squat toilets and ‘sherpa’ taxis for which a red light is nothing more than a handy guideline.

I hope (despite fairly persistent technology snafus) to share with you some of my stories about China in general and Beijing in particular.

BE WARNED: The blog occasionally contains harsh and salty language, because that’s how I roll sometimes.


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